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Barrier Islands : 
Horn, Petit Bois and East Ship Islands are some of the last barrier islands still in a natural state. Their beaches, lagoons and maritime woodlands offer a rare solitude on the Gulf coast.
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Camping, Island Style: 
Mississippi's barrier islands offer a unique wilderness camping experience for those who want to get away from the maiinland and try an island lifestyle.
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Horn Island Charters... CAMPING!

Travel to a special place where the main attractions are the unfrequented beaches, beautiful water and clean gulf air.  Horn Island is the jewel of the Mississippi barrier islands ... part of the Gulf Islands National Seashore. Horn Island is dotted with huge sand dunes and pastures of sea oats. High in the trees are the massive stick nests of Ospreys, while the beaches bound with native sea birds. Other indigenous wildlife includes deer, rabbits, alligators, and much, much more.

Horn Island Charters knows the best camping spots for your wilderness camping needs. We will make recommendations based on your request. Camping is allowed anywhere on Horn Island anytime of the year.
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The islands are famous for their mullet, flounder, speckled sea trout, bull reds, and Spanish mackerel. Mississippi state laws apply. Horn Island Charters will instruct you on the legal limits and restrictions of catching fish and crabs.
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From hiking to stargazing, your wilderness camping offers a wide variety of activities for every age.

We have lots of suggestions to make your weekends a memorable event.
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If you're looking for wilderness camping, away from the tourist traps, this is it. And to enjoy it to the fullest, your list of equipment should include ...
Tent with "no-see-um" netting
Extra tarp or rainfly
Sleeping bag
Sleeping pad or air mattress
Campstove and fuel
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We offer day and overnight trips to Horn Island up to six passengers.

Contact us with your specific needs, and we will work with you to put together the package that you need.
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